Gen Z Journal / Part 1: Fashion

Extract from Gen Z Journal / Part 1

Extract from Gen Z Journal / Part 1

This series of downloadable journals, written and edited by the Gen Z group, aims to act as insightful, expressive and critical framework, allowing their ideas to develop into magazine content.

The first journal is a visual journey through the different facets of fashion and its subcultures edited by Maria. The images and the written content explore the significance of fashion to different people, and celebrate alternative sides of fashion (experimental forms from different cultures, places and periods of time), whilst taking-apart and analysing the flaws in mainstream fashion.

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Her dream is to work in the fashion industry on the business side. And she believes anything could be achieved with hard work and dedication. Whenever she begins a task, she also finishes it to the best of her ability. She finds fashion and media an intricate and intriguing part of life. She loves how they indicate how she can express herself, using different shades of colours and fonts to highlight her opinions. It has become more evident in her life that she has started to take more risks. Reaching out and not being afraid to better her life.

Originally published 5 July 2019