Whitstable Biennale

Kihlberg & Henry, Slow Violence, 2018. Image courtesy of the artists.

Richard Wilson and Zatorski + Zatorski, 1° 21’ 45″ N, 1° 01’ 13″ E Whitstable Sounding: Rockets and Blue lights (close at hand) to warn steam boats of shoal water, 2014. Photo: Bernard G Mills

Evan Ifekoya, A Score, A Groove, a Phantom, 2016. Photo: Bernard G Mills

Jeremy Deller, Sacrilege, 2012. Photo: Matt-Wilson

Jeremy Deller, Sacrilege, 2012. Photo: Matt-Wilson

Whitstable Biennale brings people together to experience some of the most exciting new visual art being made in the UK today in film, performance and sound.

It is the place to see and experience the work of some of the UK’s most exciting and celebrated artists of the future, first. We work closely with artists early in their career to create new and experimental work, providing crucial time, space and support so they can take risks with their artistic practice. This enables artists to develop new ideas and artworks that they tell us are important moments in establishing their careers.

Whitstable is a small fishing town on the Kent coast, with a different infrastructure from that which shapes most big city biennial arts festivals (i.e. cinemas, large galleries, empty buildings). We work with our artists to find ways to weave their artworks into the fabric of the town, the idiosyncratic halls and huts, the alleyways and oyster beds, pubs, newsagents, beach huts, and bingo clubs, the working harbour and the steep shingle shoreline.

“This is a biennale with a brain” – The Guardian

“Radical live and moving artworks in the most unexpected of places” – The Telegraph

“Highly unusual experiences. Utterly memorable.” – a-n

The first edition of Whitstable Biennale was held in 2002, and the next edition will be our tenth.

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