Jennifer Lewandowski

Jennifer Lewandowski is an artist, curator, and co-founder of French Riviera, London. Launched in 2011, the gallery curates a diverse programme of solo and group exhibitions and public events, supporting over 250 international emerging artists over the past 12 years. She also works with Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, creatively directing a diverse team of artists, architects, and creatives to realise the artistic vision, production, and build of the Interstage area. Her expanded practice includes film, food, installation, music, performance, and photography.

Over the past five years she has been connecting more deeply with coastal communities in the Southeast of England, the Isle of Mull, and Athens exploring holistic practices and thinking about the effects that living by the sea may have on our mental health and spiritual wellbeing. This includes gathering edible plants such coastal flora, seaweeds, marsh succulents and wild herbs, and documenting each varied yet connected landscape through drawings, photography, paintings, and experimental film and sound recordings. The resulting body of work, presented in environments where she cooks and serves food made with local foraged ingredients, and leads guided meditations, pays homage to the energy of the sea and the mountainous regions of the Scottish Highlands and Greece.

Based in London, she travels widely to inform her practice and has shown in exhibitions, festivals, performances, and screenings, in the UK, Europe, and the US.