Lu Williams

Ebbsfleet Citizen Handbook

Image courtesy of the artist.

Working with local people in Ebbsfleet, Greenhithe, Swanscombe, and Northfleet, artist Lu Williams is creating the Ebbsfleet Citizen Handbook – an alternative guide to the area that will be shared with incoming residents and those that already live in the area.

Between September 2023 to January 2024, local people are invited to join hands-on creative zine workshops, meet fellow residents to think about the nature of home, place and memory, and how these can be captured and preserved in the Handbook.

Guided by Lu, participants will learn about zines – self-published, often handmade, magazine-style publications – and zine-making, and use this accessible and fun format to explore what they feel about their neighbourhood, and what they want from the new city. As well as creating their own mini-zines to take home, parts of these zines will be brought together to feature in the Ebbsfleet Citizen Handbook and be preserved as part of Ebbsfleet Citizen Archive.

Ebbsfleet Citizen Archive is a community-led project capturing and preserving the varied stories and histories of the people and places of Ebbsfleet, Greenhithe, Swanscombe, and Northfleet, inviting local people to work with artists, historians and fellow residents, to explore the area’s unique historic and contemporary identity through objects, sounds, videos and photographs, collected by and from residents past, present and future.

Ebbsfleet Citizen Archive is funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund and Arts Council England, and supported by Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, Gravesham Libraries, Dartford Museum and Libraries, and Kent Archives.