Image courtesy of Fieldnotes.

SONIC COMMONS is a series of broadcasts on Resonance FM responding to the poetic and phonic landscape of North Kent, produced in collaboration with FIELDNOTES.

Featuring field recordings, readings, and sonic landscapes, the series was produced whilst walking along the Thames Estuary. It includes encounters with people met along the way, who give voice to the collected texts that reference these places.

The resulting soundwork, composed by artist and musician Rob Shuttleworth, ranges across a sonic and textual landscape, producing unexpected encounters and resonances.

Thanks to all the collaborators, those who sent us texts and those who voiced them: Kashif, Eugene, Shippey, Joshua, Ollie, Katie Lane, James Hendrix Elsey, Gina Prat Lilly, Carolyn Oulton, GK Mollett, John Hartley, Jon Davis, Monty Williams, Nicole Mollett and Sarah Westcott.


Starting in Gravesend, the first episode, was broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM on Tuesday 23 January 2024.

Composed in North Kent by Rob Shuttleworth, it includes extracts from Due to a Death by Mary Kelley, Hogarth’s Great Grand Tour by Jenny Uglow, Little Estuaries by Daniel Kramb, Portrait of a River by Nikolai Bendix, Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad and Liquid City by Iain Sinclair and Marc Atkins.

Listen to the episode: