Artist Residency

Savinder Bual

Artist in Residence

Image courtesy of the artist.

Savinder Bual’s residency took place on the Isle of Sheppey, early in 2020, and then in the summer, just before and after the UK Covid-19 lockdown.

Bual makes kinetic sculptures and moving image works. Her practice references early engineering principles and inventions from the 1800’s. These precursors to cinema include pre-cinematic devices, the steam engine and clock time. Imagining herself as a cinema pioneer she explores the interplay between the moving and the still, creating works that sit between the pre-cinematic and the digital. By discovering low-fi ways to add movement to single images and commonplace objects materials her intent is to ignite an element of wonder at the illusion of cinema. 

For the residency, Bual spent time exploring Sheppey, visiting places at The Isle of Harty, Shellness, Warden Point, Minster, Queenborough, Rushenden, Leysdown, and Sheerness. Ideas formed on Sheppey through the residency will be explored further over the next two years, towards a new commission for Whitstable Biennale.

Observations on Sheppey presents some of the observations and the ideas that came out of Savinder’s residency.